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Update Firmware on Emulex CN4054S CNA

Updating Firmware on Emulex CN4054S Converged Netqwork Adapter

This is a continuation to the Upgrading IBM Flex x240 Node Firmware. We had a failure of the CNA card on one of the Flex x240 node. The CNA card that failed was of a model, Emulex CN4054R Converged Netqwork Adapter. The replacement card installed under warranty was Emulex CN4054S Converged Network Adapter. This card is a newer generation card compared to the CN4054R.

This card, appears to have the factory firmware on it, at version This needed to be upgraded.


Updating OneConnect-Flash ISO

Search and download the OneConnect-Flash ISO from the Broadcom Website, under support for Emulex products. In my case, the iso i managed to download was labelled as OneConnect-Flash-11.2.1193.39-x64.iso and upon opening on a Windows Platform using the software PowerISO, You can clearly see under the UFI folder, that the firmware version files are


  • oc11-11.2.1193.39.ufi [This firmware is for CN4054R generation cards ]
  • oc14-11.2.1193.39.ufi [This firmware is for CN4054S generation cards ]

However, in this case, i need to apply the firmware version 11.2.1193.76, so i manage to download the below files from IBM/Lenovo support site;

  • oc11-11.2.1193.76.ufi [This firmware is for CN4054R generation cards ]
  • oc14-11.2.1193.76.ufi [This firmware is for CN4054S generation cards ]

Power of PowerISO

PowerISO software allows you to modiy contents of a bootbale ISO image. Open the OneConnect-Flash-11.2.1193.39-x64.iso and browse to the UFI folder, delete the 2 files, add the new files downloaded as above. Save the ISO as OneConnect-Flash-11.2.1193.76-x64.iso

Notice that the ISO retains the bootbale state.


Booting from OneConnect Firmware ISO

Once the ISO is attached/mounted, reboot the host. The firmware update tool, loads up and straight away gives you the following alert message.

CNA Jumper Alert

It appears this is a factory setting of the S series CNA card. Upon further investigation, it appears, it’s actually a physical jumper on the card itself, not the boot firmware setting on the card itself.

CNA Jumper Location

The Red arrow in the picture above points to the firmware security jumper.


When you replace CN4054/R with the storage Features on Demand (FOD) for iSCSI/FCOE,the FOD’s from the CN4054/R does not work on the CN4054S, as the FOD on the CN4054S is based on the cards serial number, not the UID. There, before you remove/replace the jumper setting to allow firmware ugrade check.

  • If the hardware is under warranty, hardware support SSR to do it for you.
  • Advise hardware support if you are using the CNA for iSCSI or FCoE, they will arrange for FOD to be upgraded as well.
  • If hardware not under support, please ensure you do know what you are doing. DIY can lead to some issues down the track.

Once the jumper setting has been made, place the card back into the Flex Node, and slot inside the chassis. It’ll be re-dected by the Chassis. This process takes from 2-5 minutes.

Updating the Firmware

Mount the iso to the Node Console and power on the server.

Flash Update Step 1

The Emulex OneConnect Flash Utility CD boots up and finds the OC14 controllers, informs as,

All OC14 controllers will be updated to firmwa version 11.2.1193.76 (Well thats the firmware we injected into the UFI folder earlier in the iso)

and awaits for the input to upgrade the firmware.

Flash Update Step 2

Hit y to proceed with the firmware upgrade;

It will take roughly 2-5 mintues to perform the upgrade and awaits further input

Flash Update Step 3

type reboot and hit enter, system will reboot.

Once the reboot has been completed, the CMM chasis detects the new firmware version, and you can verify the new firmware version installed is: 11.2.1193.76

Firmware 11.2.1193.76

You can use the OneConnect-Flash-11.2.1193.76-x64.iso to update the firmware of Emulex CN4054R CNA as well, as we have injected CN4054R firmware as well.

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