29 Jan 2018 in Hardware, Firmware

Upgrading IBM Flex x240 Node Firmware

The typical supported method of applying firmware is by utilising the Bootable Media Creator (BoMC Tool).
This downloads the appropriate firmware for the model of the hardware you select and creates an ISO you can boot from and apply the patches.

But what happens when you run into this issue, after it boots to from ISO?

Late Night With endless efforts of creating new iso’s and a number of reboots and trial and errors, no avail.

Apparently you can update each blade node hardware via the IMM. It needs to be upgarded in the following Order:

1) IMM
3) DSA

Firmware for CNA, FC, or other HBA you have on your hardware can be upgraded via the Emulex [Vendor], Plugin for vCenter, or Tools for Windows.

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